And The Winner is....

I was super excited to offer my first Instagram GIVEAWAY event leading up to Mother’s Day. I was also a vendor at Business and Professional Women’s Mother’s Day Market at the Mayton Inn, Cary, NC that weekend so I offered a GIVEAWAY there too! I know the two sister paintings will have lovely homes to go home to!

As in all Instagram giveaways, there are rules. Mine were Like, Follow and Comment (LFC) with a hashtag #artformom19. After the entry deadline, I took the names and ran them through a random generator. Since this was my first event and I didn’t have hundreds of entries, I used TextFixer and added the names manually. Easy-peasy!

I am excited to announce that the Instagram winner is @firstrefusal! Congrats!!

My Mother’s Day Market winner is __________! Congrats!

I loved doing this event so much I am planning on making it an annual, regular thing.

My Studio Supplies List - Vegan Style

My Studio Supplies List - Vegan Style

To keep with my vegan lifestyle, I double-checked that the supplies I use in my projects were in fact vegan. I found that I will need to edit some of the products already residing in my studio. Going forward the list below will guide the buying decisions for my studio supplies. I ran accross this website that did the product investigation already, so all I needed to do was to confirm what in my existing stock was vegan and make a purchasing plan for future supplies. I like keeping things simple, so I looked for brands that were consistently vegan in their philosophy and products. That turned out to be more difficult than I originally thought as many brands had exclusions to this or that. By the way, most Ivory Black and Paynes Grey are made from charred cow bones.

Here is my supply list of preferred brands that are vegan.

The Making of a Studio Part One

The Making of a Studio Part One

No one really tells you how to do this. Or maybe that was just my experience. #Instagram shows lovely studios by working artists and it seems so effortless and magical. So what really happens when you decide to set up your studio?

First you need to find the space

It happened for me this way. This past summer, I was at an arts conference and happened to mention to a friend and fellow artist that I would love to find an affordable space to make art. You know some kind of space that could be called an artist studio. I was flexible and wasn’t too picky, or so I thought. We chatted about that and a few other issues and said goodbye. A few days later he messaged me and said he had a friend who was leaving their space and would I like to take a peek at the space. He said “oh yeah, it’s also affordable”. I made the call.