To Have, or Not to Have an Email Signature?

Has this ever happened to you?  You try to contact the person you may have a meeting with or perhaps you need to discuss something with this person and you do a quick search in your email and you find their email, boom! Success and so quickly, gotta love gmail :)  Then a quick scan of the email finds absolutely no mention of a phone number for this person. My glee turns quickly into frustration. Have you experienced this?  Perhaps, it is just me, but this seems completely out of touch. So today I challenge you NOT to be one of these folks! OK folks, email relationship tip #101. Absolutely, positively, always, always provide a current email signature on the bottom of your email. This is good business form and lets the email receiver know you are accessible and legit. I know many good, professional folks that simply do not do this. I don't get it. It's best if you do this for every email profile, every platform and since technology makes it ridiculously easy to do, you really have no excuses, 'K? Now, you may be like, "well I don't want everyone to know my phone number." OK, that's cool, but then be sure to make it clear in the body of your email, that you can be reached at this [ fill in the blank ] number. Personally, I am way too busy to be typing something that can be automated so easily and with such ease.  Add to that the added value of exceptional customer service and this seems like a no-brainer for any would-be entrepreneur, certainty for any business owner, and of course for anyone wanting to increase revenue, communication, or donations.

This is my actual signature, pasted right from my email:

Cyn Macgregor, Creative Director
* * * * *
Cynergie Studio
(m) 919 602.0900
follow: @CynergieStudio | | product search:
Raleigh City Organizer, PechaKucha Night
* * * * *

Feel free to copy, edit and add to your email signature. You can see my signature includes a nice greeting, my name, title, phone number and other contact info along with links to my websites. At the very least, your name and phone number should be present. Ok, I feel better now, 'preciate you letting me get that off my chest.

Now, how do you feel about the email signature protocol? Or have you sometimes thought the same thing?