Scrum Alliance - What Is Scrum?

I've been using Scrum in my projects for a while now. But when a friend asked me about it recently, I thought a little investigation and refresher would be good before I gave a thoughtful answer in reply. It is seemingly a simple concept. Idea + to do list = Scrum

Sure, I've used it in my home for house cleaning, especially when we had little time. Kinda like this...

" Hey this room is a mess! Let's do a 15 minute rush."


Then all parties involved would rush around and pick-up, dust or vacuum for the full 15 minutes, then stop. All of the most awful stuff got done and we all felt better, or at least I did!

So this concept of Scrum can work in your business too. It doesn't take a lot of time and the results are remarkably satisfying. Try it yourself on your next work or personal project. Here is the full article to get a better feel for how Scrum works. Scrum Alliance - What Is Scrum?.