My decision for a Macbook Pro Retina Display

I made the big decision in 3 days, not 3 weeks, which is how long it took many of my fellow mac-folks to decide on which way to go in the debate for or against the newest Apple product, the Macbook Pro with Retina Display. I was in a hurry. With sadness I said goodbye to my beloved Macbook Pro after 4 great years of service. Sadness turned to fear as I realized I had to have a solution quickly as my business depends on having a computer I can trust. So the games begun. Since I was already at the Apple store I took a moment to look around at the options. It became apparent that the first question I had to decide on was with Retina Display or without. This question kinda blind-sided me because I figured my biggest question was going to be about storage and hard drive space on the new 15 inch Macbook Pro, not about completely new territory, yikes!

I left the Apple store with my broken Mac and a vague list of things to think about and headed back to the office for research. The forums and discussion boards were filled with pros and cons. Many said they will never buy a 1st generation "anything" again, others stated that the Retina Display was overpriced and the value wasn't there. Some others said they had to return to the Apple store to get a new one or get it fixed within weeks of purchase.

The other camp said things like "Wow", Best decision ever",  "I would if I could" and "If they come out with a 13 inch, sure!" I was fairly confused. I stalked the Apple store web site, and asked Google terms like " macbook pro versus retina display"  and I spoke at length with colleagues and friends and finally made my decision. Absolutely, positively I was going with the Macbook Pro 15 inch SANS Retina Display. Why? Because I didn't want the headache of 1st generation, I didn't want to spend extra money ( it is expensive enough! ), and it didn't include a built-in CD drive. Go with what you know. Enough said, right? I did my homework and thought I had all the info I needed.

I walked confidently back into the Apple store to order my new 15 inch Macbook Pro and promptly started a discussion with an Apple sales person (who doesn't get paid on commission by the way) who was kind enough to help me configure my order. YAY!

Then the nice Apple guy started asking me questions. I answered them and before I knew it I had made a 360 degree turn! I ordered the Macbook Pro WITH Retina Display. Why? Mainly because the Retina Display machine comes standard with a Solid State Drive (SSD). My daughter's hubby-to-be strongly urged me to not settled for the Macbook Pro's standard 750gb 5400-rpm drive, opting instead for increased durability of SSD. I had planned to configure my new machine with a 128gb SSD for an additional $45.00, that way I would have my Macbook Pro and SSD. I am rather hard on my technology, so I figured extra durability can't be a bad thing for me. What I hadn't figured out yet prior to my first decision was the Retina Display model comes standard with 256gb SSD, which you could upgrade at the time of ordering, if you desire, though I didn't. And the price was about the same if I went with 2.3GHz and not 2.6GHz and if I upgraded from 8GB SDRAM to 16GB SDRAM. Bonus is the sleek 0.71 inch thin design and 4.46 pounds.

I'm happy with my decision. I am getting more excited and can't wait to see what I didn't know about and will soon not be able to live without. Of course at the time of this writing I have not gotten my new Macbook Pro Retina Display, so stay tuned for my soon to come update.


Here are the specs:

2.3 GHz Quad core


256GB Flash Storage

with Apple care of course!


Although my decision is made, I'd love to know what your decision was or will be regarding the new Macbook Pro Retina Display. What are your thoughts on this debate?

UPDATE: OCT. 2, 2012

So far very happy with my decision. The battery seems to be long-lasting, the display lovely, the weight is divine, and the OS is smooth. The trackpad and gestures is a little different and the power cord seems to fall off repeatedly, but those are my only complaints.