I Design Book Covers

Beginner's FinnishIt's true, I DO design book covers, book jackets and interior pages for publishers and authors. Like the cover to the left, Beginner's Finnish, for example. I've done this work for many years and I simply love it! I like the feeling I get when I walk into Barnes & Nobles and see the titles I designed on the book shelves. It's an "I made this!" moment. Of course it takes many people to get a book from concept to bookshelf, but I am proud of my little corner of the process. I also like when I go to a friends home and find a book I designed on their bookshelf.

In general, I love the idea of books and want to contribute to the success of keeping content flowing in print. When authors, individually or with publishing assistance, put their know-how, experience and thoughts to creating content and produce a book, it is truly an incredibly exciting moment.

I work with publishers, individuals, authors and editors. I use content and images given to me from the source or find photography or imagery from online sources or my own library. Some of my favorite fonts are Garamond, Helvetica, Gill Sans, Caslon, Trajan Pro and Minion Pro.  I like to use photography or imagery that has strong contrast or bright and closely cropped for detail. I like to keep the overall design simple and minimalist. I work hard to blend direction from all involved to craft a book that everyone can feel proud of.

Here are few book cover designs I like (but did NOT design)

What are some of your favorite books and designs?