10 Greatest ‘MAD’ Covers

MAD magazine has been around a long time, in fact since 1952. Below is the very first cover published for the October/November edition. Above is a portion of the October 2012 cover. (Notice the caricatures of Romney and Obama?) See a compendium of MAD covers at Doug Gilford's MAD cover site.

I'm not a comic magazine or MAD humor lover at all, but I can't deny that I do appreciate the consistency and longevity of a magazine that can remain relevant throughout the years. Very, very impressed with that! The simplicity of many of the covers does nothing to diminish the impact of the covers. The talented and fortunate artist's who illustrated the covers were simply amazing in their concept, composition, and style while maintaining the MAD brand. Speaking of brand, it's interesting to note that MAD modified their logo many times throughout the years without interrupting their brand at all. With a strong brand - translate this as feeling your marketing imagery can be less rigid in terms of always having your logo appear in the same color or even typeface.


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We’re going to go out on a limb, and assume that many of you could use a good chuckle right about now. If you can believe it, this month marks MAD Magazine’s 60th year of bringing comedy, pop culture satire, and high-quality potty humor to America. To celebrate, the folks behind the insanity are releasing Totally MAD: 60 Years of Humor, Satire, Stupidity and Stupidity, full of cartoons, comedy writing and illustration from ”The Usual Gang of Idiots,” complete with a foreword by Stephen Colbert and Eric Drysdale. To commemorate the occasion, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite covers from MAD‘s long and storied history. Check out our picks after the jump — and since there’s no way to narrow this down to a definitive ten, be sure to tell us which of your own favorites we ignored in the comments. And if you need a hand remembering (or want to go further down memory lane), we recommend checking out this amazing compendium of all the covers.