#1 Thing to do to Secure your Website

UPDATED POST: Wordpress 3.6 is the newest software release. If you have not upgraded yet, you should.

#1 malware threat to your website is out of date software and or plugins. The best way to secure your website against possible hacker threat is by keeping your software and plugins updated. Wordpress 3.6 was recently released. If you have not upgraded your website yet, you really should consider doing this. Why? Well the  most compelling reason is for security against possible hacker threats. Although Wordpress is built on a solid platform, there are folks in the geek world who have other agendas and may try to compromise your website without your knowledge. One great way to secure your website is to keep the architecture software updated and keep your plugins updated as well. You can do this fairly easily via your WP dashboard.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Login with your admin password
  2. Check to be sure you have a recent backup, and if not make one now
  3. Look for the button to upgrade
  4. Click the button, and when it asks if you are sure you want to upgrade, click Yes
  5. Test your website to be sure it is functioning properly

Depending on the complexity and plugins used on your site there is a mild to strong risk associated with this action. So, I can't stress enough the importance of making sure you have a recent backup prior to making any major changes. Plugins sometimes have conflicts with the software or other plugins, and often they simply will not upgrade as a way to stop a conflict. So after you finish the upgrades be sure to test your website thoroughly, especially the plugins that offer special functionality.

Customers on our maintenance plan receive automatic software upgrades.

If you're interested in upgrading (and you are not on a plan with us) but don't want to do this yourself, contact us to discuss.