Tips to Use Instagram for Business

Why use Instagram? Or any social media channel for that matter. Back in the day, the Yellow Pages was the go-to place to find a business. Now, we have lot's of channels and the questions you may want to ask are "Are my customers looking for me here?", "Can I afford to skip this channel?" and "Does this support my business goals?"

3 Key Steps to Event Success, Plus See Our Numbers!

We often get asked which tools we use to promote our events. Questions like "Do you use Facebook, linkedin, or Twitter?"  or " Does social media really help drive registration?" or " What tool do you use for registration?" If you plan events, and maybe have had these questions also pass through your mind, this post may help. Keep in mind many of our events are designed for under 200 people and have a low ticket price to entry.

To Have, or Not to Have an Email Signature?

Has this ever happened to you?  You try to contact the person you may have a meeting with or perhaps you need to discuss something with this person and you do a quick search in your email and you find their email, boom! Success and so quickly, gotta love gmail :)  Then a quick scan of the email finds absolutely no mention of a phone number for this person. My glee turns quickly into frustration. Have you experienced this?

About our Creative Director

As a creative entrepreneur, (that's the term Cyn uses to describe herself) she provides beautifully designed and cost-effective marketing solutions to business owners. As Creative Director at Cynergie Studio, Cyn works hard to align business messaging with appropriate business graphics, marketing strategies, content management, blogs, videos, and social media channels to help clients build business and earn revenue.

The Anatomy of a Book Cover

Dust Jacket:

This is a printed paper wrapper to cover a hardback book. Each end folds inside the book itself to protect the cover, which in the older days might have been made of fine leather and linen cloth with a simple embossed title on the front and spine. Today, a dust jacket might be more important than the embossed cover, as it is designed to be eye-catching and to project a meaningful message about the contents.

I Design Book Covers

It's true, I DO design book covers, book jackets and interior pages for publishers and authors. Like the cover here, Beginner's Finnish, for example. I've done this work for many years and I simply love it! I like the feeling I get when I walk into Barnes & Nobles and see the titles I designed on the book shelves. It's an "I made this!" moment. Of course it takes many people to get a book from concept to bookshelf, but I am proud of my little corner of the process. I also get a real thrill when I visit a friends home and find a book I designed on their bookshelf.

Conversation with Carrie Knowles

This article written as a guest blogger for Triangle Artworks, is the second in a series of “Conversations With”  members of the creative community in the Triangle who are thinking big, working hard and making a difference in our Region.

I met Carrie Knowles at her studio off Bloodworth Street in downtown Raleigh. The quiet neighborhood and her comfortable studio was the perfect spot to catch up with this busy writer and artist. We talked about her writing, visual art, the importance of collaboration, and her most ambitious and exciting project to date, the Cary Cross Currents Chamber Music and Arts Festival.

A Conversation with Jeff Polish from The Monti

This article written as a guest blogger for Triangle Artworks, is the first in a series called “ A Conversations With” highlighting members of the creative community in the Triangle who are thinking big, working hard and making a difference in our region.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Polish on a warm sunny day in June. The first thing he told me, in response to me asking “How ya’ doing” was that he had just quit his day job as a biology teacher to pursue his dream job of telling stories. His show, the uber successful The Monti, is officially his full time job and he couldn’t be more delighted, prepared and ready to take it on.