Cyn Macgregor (United States) is an abstract, intuitive, mixed-media artist. Her work focuses on line, shape, and contrast while emphasizing spontaneous and “no mind” mark making. Her somewhat geometric motifs are laced with scribbles, scraps, or distress to emphasize the beauty found in the imperfect and the profundity of patina. She uses a limited palette to keep her artwork feeling meditative and minimalist. Her artwork starts with marks and words. She has a vague idea of where she wants the work to go. Those first marks will guide the painting into being with some marks left exposed while others are covered up. She manifests “imperfect” so when when the unexpected, but invited, line or dribble shows up she embraces its magical intention.

She seeks to have a shared visual journey between the artwork and the viewer. It’s important to her that her artwork has a purpose and sparks a connection or conversation between people and spaces and creates a sense of harmonious and mutual happy satisfaction.

Her creative journey started as a photographer. She learned graphic design, then studied interior design. While in school for interior design, she noticed the classes she took in painting and drawing were her favorite and started to explore creativity and painting. Her prior education blended with her passion for creating artwork with purpose.

Spanning her professional career she co-founded several successful businesses managing marketing, website development and design, and branding. Because she believes every mark a person makes is important she founded Sun & Moon Studio, a studio for kids to explore creativity and art.

She spends her time thinking, planning, painting, mark making, experimenting, teaching, showing-up, and connecting with community.

Cyn Macgregor
919 576.0116