Cyn Macgregor was born in Ohio and is an award-winning abstract, intuitive, mixed-media artist.

Her artwork is in private collections around the world. She has been part of group exhibitions at Visual Art Exchange, Band Together, and Durham Scrap Exchange as well as solo exhibits at Carter Building Studios, public libraries, and public events.

Her creative journey began as a teen and studied photography at the School of Modern Photography and landed an internship at Hudson Daily Sun learning graphic design and publishing. Cyn co-owned a print shop for several years then launched Cynergie Studio, now her creative hub for graphic design, fine art, filmmaking, and book self-publishing. She studied interior design at American Intercontinental University where she rekindled her passion for painting and the connection between art and space. Her prior photography, printing education blended perfectly with her devotion for creating artwork with purpose.

Her inspiration comes from a life lived and creative exploration. Cyn believes that every mark a person makes is important. To reinforce this idea with young minds she founded Sun & Moon Studio, a studio for kids to explore creativity, get messy and create art. As an extension of this idea, she was honored to provide a platform for artists to talk about their ideas and art as the Raleigh city organizer for PechaKucha Night for seven years. Her creative exploration extends into filmmaking where she provides creative direction and assistance to produce award-winning short films.

Her global passion is accessible, safe drinking water for communities. In 2017 her commitment helped to drill a well in Malawi, Africa that services 246 beneficiaries.


My artwork explores the beauty found in the imperfect and the profundity of patina that emerges with time. I embrace the practice of Mushin no shin [無心の心] that is, to be in the moment with no mind mark making. My work often includes scribbles, dribbles, scraps, flaws, or distress to emphasize that perfection is an illusion.

I’ve always felt a strong connection to water. Whether bathing, playing in lakes, rivers, and oceans, or enjoying the rain, these motifs are consistent in my work seen and felt through color, line, gesture, or feeling.

My hope is that my artwork will spark a shared connection or conversation between people and spaces they love.

Cyn Macgregor
919 576.0116

Cyn in Hubert Street studio, 2019

Cyn in Hubert Street studio, 2019

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