Cyn is an award-winning abstract artist.

Artist Statement

Since childhood creativity has been my word and constant companion. I lived it by being curious, writing (in my diary), drawing, painting (rocks with mud), making friends and Negotiating young life. I did my first painting at age 10. I didn’t know It was abstract. My Dad (also a creative) didn’t know what to make of it and nervously laughed it off. I figured that meant I had no talent in the painting department, so I moved on. It would take 25 more years before I could call myself, artist.

Noticing the details of daily life inspires me and provides the fodder for creating. I find particular beauty in the essence of the past and the patina of age. The marks of a worn wooden table from years of use, the rust on a weathered metal sign, concrete floors with layers of manufacturing mishaps are visuals that will stop me in my tracks and encourage a longer look, touch and some sort of gleeful noise. Other things that inspire me are emotion, music, theatre, news, people and most of al—the wonder of nature.

When I create art, i make marks as a starting point, then I LOOk for the sublime. I believe in “imperfect”, so If an odd line, random dribble or an unexpected mark shows up in the work, I FEEL this is when the magic happens. I’m drawn to LAYERs, peek-a-boo moments and surprises. I work mostly in acrylics and OFTEN INCLUDES OTHER MEDIUMS like charcoal, pastel as well as torn paper.

My grateful wish is that MY paintings will:

  • bring meaning and delight tO Collectors, just like you.

  • create a sense of ma’at, harmony and happiness in your space.

Wow!!! Love this beautiful, bright & happy original piece of artwork created by a talented artist & my dear friend. At first, I couldn’t imagine where it would go... now, I can not envision it not being in my home.
— Mikki & Donald


20" x 30" Carrot-ko sold to a collector from

20" x 30" Carrot-ko sold to a collector from