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Cyn is an award-winning artist known for her whimsical watercolors and abstract paintings.

 20" x 30" Carrot-ko sold to a collector from

20" x 30" Carrot-ko sold to a collector from

Artist Statement

I CreatE in the moment, LOOKING for the sublime and will let MY pixie guide decide on the final result. When an odd line, random dribble or something unexpected shows up in the work, I FEEL this is when the magic happens. I LIKE TEXTURE AND LAYERS SO MY artwork OFTEN INCLUDES OTHER MEDIUMS AND FOUND OBJECTS.

I HOPE MY paintings delight and create a sense of peace and harmony for collectors.

It's what I wake up for everyday.

New work coming soon!

I <3 it. Some loves stick around
for a long while.

A few travel photos. from NYC and Madison, WI.

New love. New Journeys.

My husband, an actor & filmmaker, makes my life even more creative. Together we write, produce, edit, act and direct. Learn more about our film work.