Artist Statement

Cyn is an award-winning artist known for her whimsical watercolors and bold and colorful mixed-media paintings. Creating in the moment, she looks for the sublime and will let her Pixie Guide decide on the final result. When an odd line, random dribble or something unexpected shows up in the work, this is when the magic happens. Her artwork includes fragments of paper, fabric or found objects to add depth and meaning.


iT's What I wake up for everyday.

Gallery one


My first love. Photography totally gets me. 

Travel photos from New York, NY, Madison, WI, Raleigh, NC



New loves. My actor & filmmaker partner makes my life even more creative & collaborative.
together We write, produce, edit, act and direct film projects.

Mrs. Honeycutt: A short film staring Irma Macgregor as Jesse Honeycutt. It's a story of hope and love. Jesse has given up on life but a birthday card and memory from 60 years ago reminds her that there is plenty of life.

Director/Editor: Larry Evans

Producer/Art Director: Cyn Macgregor

Cast: Victor Rivera, Sarah Gordon, Irma Macgregor, Cyn Macgregor, Ron Campbell, Justin Smith, Melvin Hooker

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