Every now and then, a reinvention happens. Although it can be somewhat frightful, it is also an exciting moment of possibilities. 


What I wake up for everyday.

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My first love. Photography gets me. 

Travel photos from New York, NY, Madison, WI, Raleigh, NC



Living with an actor/filmmaker makes my life even more creative & collaborative.
We write, produce, edit, act and direct film projects.
Below is one short that has gotten some attention.

Mrs. Honeycutt: A short film staring Irma Macgregor as Jesse Honeycutt. It's a story of hope and love. Jesse has given up on life but a birthday card and memory from 60 years ago reminds her that there is plenty of life.

Director/Editor: Larry Evans

Producer/Art Director: Cyn Macgregor

Cast: Victor Rivera, Sarah Gordon, Irma Macgregor, Cyn Macgregor, Ron Campbell, Justin Smith, Melvin Hooker

See all our films at Vimeo.